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Renewable Energy Saves Significant Amounts of Water, Says New Report

IRENA newsroom

Realising the renewable energy plans of the Gulf Cooperation Council region (GCC) will result in a 20% reduction in water withdrawals in the power sector, according to a new report by IRENA.

The water saving potential of renewable energy is among the major findings in Renewable Energy in the Water, Energy and Food Nexus, released today on the sidelines of the World Future Energy Summit and International Water Summit in Abu Dhabi. The report provides a detailed analysis of how renewable energy can help address some of the most pressing challenges across the water, energy and food sectors.


During the power generation stage, water needs for solar photovolatics and wind are negligible compared to conventional generation, which could require substantial amounts of water for cooling. Solar PV or wind use up to 200 times less water than a coal power plant to produce the same amount of electricity.


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