Comparison between biofuels and hydrogen as alternative energy sources

Energy Vulture

The European Union (EU) considers both biofuels and hydrogen as viable sources of energy to replace fossil fuels.  Sobrino et al. (2010) examined, from an economic perspective, the advantages and disadvantages of replacing fossil fuels with biofuels or hydrogen in European vehicles.  Although each alternative source of energy has different reasons for being a plausible fuel replacement, the authors found more reasons for hydrogen to be the more environmentally friendly and economically sound choice. — Jenny Ward 
Fernando Herna ́ndez Sobrino, Carlos Rodrı ́guez Monroy, Jose ́ Luı ́s Herna ́ndez Pe ́rez. 2010. Critical analysis on hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels and biofuels for vehicles in Europe. Renewable and Sustainably Energy Reviews 14, 772–780

 The authors first discussed the different reasons for promoting the use of biofuels and hydrogen, which include: reducing the EU’s reliance on foreign oil, constraining the price growth of…

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